items in my purse on my trip to finland.

* 2 bags Sunsweet pitted dates
* 1 bag “Fun Size” Nestle Crunch bars
* 2 bags individually-wrapped-but-full-sized Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
* 1 “Jumbo Bag” individually-wrapped-but-full-sized Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
* 2 bags Grandpa Ed’s homemade beef jerky (there are two more in my backpack)
* 1 small Primal Pac from Melissa Joulwan’s first Quarterly box
* 3 small packages Biscoff cookies I got on a flight (Minneapolis to JFK, on Delta, of course), the second of thirteen that I’ll be taking over the next sixteen days. Biscoff is my favorite, but I’m saving them for Gracie, because in her world, sugar is a legitimate expression of love, and I love her an awful lot (907 grams worth or so, if we’re limiting it to what I’m dragging halfway across the United States and all the way across the ocean for her).
* 1 quart-sized bag macademia nuts
* 1 quart-sized bag almonds
* 1 snack-sized bag pecans (don’t let the diminutive size fool you; these are my favorite, which is why the stash was nearly depleted by the time I had to pack)
* 1 Key Lime Pie Lärabar
* 5 assorted acorn- and leaf-shaped chocolate bars from the famous Chubby Chipmunk chocolatier (there were six, but I ate a whole one as soon as I got home yesterday to stop myself from crying because Chad had to go to work and I wouldn’t see him for 3.5 weeks after today [Note: it didn’t work; I cried till my eyes were swollen anyway and had to carry the additional shame of having desperately shoveled it into my mouth, hunched over the sink, in the dark, as if I could hide this pitiful abuse of food even from *myself*]), acquired at Anne and Jamie’s beautiful autumn-themed wedding in Spearfish two days ago


Yes, the contents of my considerable purse, normally stocked with keys and creams and nail clippers and all the trappings of a woman well-prepared for every everyday calamity, have been entirely supplanted by easily mobile food items that Grace and I could survive on in the unlikely (but still plausible) event that we are unable to successfully navigate Finnish Lapland and get stuck on the side of the road for hours in our rental car in the dead of night in a sparsely-populated area somewhere north of the Arctic Circle.

I’m a planner. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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